Woman R@ped & Robbed While Leaving Church

Published On July 24, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

So sad.

A 50-year-old woman was robbed and assaulted at gunpoint by a group of men as she’d left a church service in Queens, New York.

It didn’t take too long for the police to arrest the three suspects that have been accused of the horrific crime. They were all living in a nearby shelter for homeless and runaway young men of New York City.

The three men that have been accused are Justin Williams, 17; Brandon Walker, 20; and Julisses Ginel, 19; and they have since been arrested after a staff member of the group home reported their suspicions to the police on the following Thursday, according to SCO Family of Services.

Police have also identified a fourth man suspected of allegedly taking part in the assault and they were still looking for him on the following Friday night.

“The crimes that the defendants are accused of committing that night are despicable and are deserving of significant punishment,” the Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said in a statement.

Their arrests have raised several questions about supervision of the shelter, which is funded by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. Three attacks have allegedly taken place around the same time that the shelter goes into their scheduled curfew, which is the time that they generally require for the residents to be back home.

SCO Family Services has since denied that the city’s curfew information was accurate, however, they have also declined to provide their own.

“We have zero tolerance for this conduct either at or outside of our city-funded programs,” Mark Zustovich, the department’s spokesman, said in a statement. “Thanks to the fast action of SCO, these individuals were apprehended.”

Prosecutors claim that the men allegedly took their female victim behind a garbage truck and forced her to perform intimate oral activity.

At their arraignment in Queens Criminal Court, Judge Danielle L. Hartman ordered for all three of the men to be held on a $1,000,000 cash bond for criminal intercourse and robbery in connection with the woman’s attack.

The victim was, obviously, terrified of returning back to the neighborhood where the crimes took place and she is now in fear of going back to the Celestial Church of Christ, which is where she was leaving from on the night of the horrible crimes that took place.

 “She’s thankful she is still alive,” said the pastor, Kehinde Oyetunde. “She’s just scared.”

 “I’m scared, too,” he said.

Wow! So, what are your thoughts on this situation? Are you hopeful that justice gets served? After all, this woman didn’t deserve to experience what she’d went through.

Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you’re thinking.



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