Woman Robbed & Nearly Killed By Man She Met Online

Published On May 12, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Many of us may know that social media is now becoming a social norm for all millennials, so it’s perfectly normal for two people to meet on the internet and then meet up in person.

The act of “sliding into the DM’s (direct messages)” via Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook has allowed us all to experience a much larger dating pool than what we were used to before we had such easy access to the internet.

However, it seems that with some of the most recent and bizarre news story that we have witnessed, conversing with and meeting people online does have it’s negative attributes. A young woman based in Los Angeles, unfortunately, was forced to find that out the hard way.

According to KTLA, India Ali, 32, allegedly began communicating with James Baker, 27, through DM’s via Instagram. Ali admits that she’d found Baker to be attractive, and was immediately drawn to his pictures and video clips on the popular social site.

The two of them eventually agreed that they would meet up and hang out for a few hours.

During their date, which had occurred back in 2016, Ali and Baker met at a bar. That night seemed to be going as planned, as Ali chose to post pictures and videos of the date to her Instagram account. However, she can’t seem to remember what occurred after leaving the bar to head home.

That next day, Ali says that she’d woken up at the Westin hotel, near LAX, lying in a pool of her own blood and vomit.

She says that blood was scattered everywhere and her clothes were scattered all over the room as well. Attempting to get up and look in the mirror, that was when Ali realized that her eyes were swollen shut and bruises covered her face. She’d also realized that her car keys and cell phone were both missing.

Thankfully Ali was able to call 911 and they’d soon rushed her to the hospital. Her brain began to swell due to the forced trauma to her head.

Officers were able to capture Baker with the My iPhone app, they’d also found her car parked at another hotel near LAX.

Baker was later arrested and found guilty of felony assault and theft.

Ali, as well as Naturally Moi, are hopeful to raise awareness about the dangers of dating, whether it be on social media or in person.

We are happy to know that Baker has since been sentenced for his crimes.

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