White Teen Throws Baby From 2-Story Window & Gets No Jail Time

Published On March 27, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Talk about white privilege!
An Omaha teen has now been sentenced to probation in a group home after throwing her newborn baby out of a second floor window. According to the judge, she needs therapy, not jail time.

Judge Christopher Kelly ordered that Antonia Lopez be placed on probation, live in a group home, take part in family therapy, as well as individual therapy, delete her social media accounts and perform 50 hours of community service.

All of these very light demands after she’d killed her own child.

The judge added that he wasn’t sure anyone ever puts such an incident behind them.

Lopez, 16, gave birth back on September 30th of last year at her apartment in the Kellom Knolls complex. After throwing her child from the second-floor window she’d finally admitted to her mother what she’d done.

 The white teen was initially charged as an adult and also faced 20 years to life in prison if ever convicted.

The case was transferred to juvenile court in February and that was when Lopez admitted that she’d committed the crime.

Lopez’s defense attorney, Rebecca McClung, said in court Friday that Lopez had only a theft charge on her record.

Deputy Douglas County Attorney Jennifer Chrystal-Clark commented on Lopez, saying “To say she doesn’t understand is disingenuous. She understands.” She noted that Lopez had thought the baby was stillborn. (So I guess that made it okay for her to throw the child out of the window, instead of calling an ambulance?)

“She’s coping the best she can,” McClung said. “The mother is coping the best she can. The grandmother is coping the best she can.”

This is BS to the tenth degree because we all know what if this were one of our children, they would be in jail for the rest of their lives.

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