Watch this woman lighten her skin: Before and after pictures

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Some people have no problem with skin-lightening.  Others feel that it’s a form of self-hatred that started before slavery, where being whiter is considered better.  This phenomenon has been pervasive and persuasive in many countries throughout the world, and often leads to divisions within black communities.


Watch this video and see if you can figure out why so many people had a problem with it.  It appears that she’s just trying to do some innocent beauty work on her skin, but the 2.8 million views and her disabling of comments leads us to speculate that some sought it to have a much deeper meaning than that.

Here is how she explained herself in the description of her video:


Not sure why my tca video gets lumped in with the bleaching videos, but due to the foolishness, I had to disable comments. ANywho, in the description box tells the details…a lot more than I talk about in the video. I tried this once,and decided it wasn’t for me and haven’t done another since. In fact I actually stick to exfoliating cleansers now 🙂

Pics at 2:20!

I tried this tca peel out in 2011. These pictures are about 2 years old from when this video was made.

Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands. They can be used to:

•Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
•Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
•Improve the appearance of mild scars
•Treat certain types of acne
•Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma)
•Improve the look and feel of skin

So in this vlog, I talk about my tca peeling. Girl, I told ya’ll it was bad. HA! But to be honest, this is actually normal for dark skin like mine. It get worse before it gets better! Some people would rather cover up their scars and blemishes with makeup, but I wanted to do something about the skin itself, since makeup only masks the problem.

I ordered my 12% solution tca peel from I also first did a skin test on a small patch to make sure I wasn’t allergic or had any adverse reaction to the acid.

Yes, it hurt/burned. It’s a stronger acid than gycolic or lactic so you will definately feel it. I kept a fan in front of my face while I applied to take away some of the sting, but I still felt it. I recommend a few ibuprofen 15 min before to buffer the discomfort.

It took about a full month for my skin to completely recover. About 3-4 days for the top layer of skin that was treated with the chemical to darken and begin to peel, another 3-6 days of peeling.

This was a slow process because you want it to happen organically and not pull the dried, flaky skin off because that can cause hyperpigmentaion and scarring.

After the skin was all off, it took a good 2 weeks for the pink new fresh skin to darken back to my natural color. I used polysporin and sunscreen everyday and kept my face clean and moist with ointment for optimal healing.

I’m doing good on my juicing and raw eating. My thighs are on fire from my workouts and all is well.

Happy Sunday!





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