Russell Simmons Defends Jay-Z After “Jews” Lyrics Were Heard on ‘4:44’

Published On July 7, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Rapper Jay-Z’s latest album ‘4:44’ has seemed to garner much attention from us regular folk, as well as black celebs all over the country. It has already been labeled as critically acclaimed since the release, just last week, however, one verse from the track ‘The Story of OJ’ has seemed to turn heads all over the hip hop world, as well as start a conversation amongst rich and poor white folks.

There is one line that was mentioned on the track about Jewish stereotypes, that some felt was a bit racist, however, we must admit that Hov was telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

Fellow hip hop icon and music mogul Russell Simmons has since decided to chime in and defend his friend and fellow hip hop mogul, Jay Z, by claiming that Hov was simply attempting to prove a point that many black folks needed to hear.

In the track, Jay rapped, “You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit/You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it.”

While it has seemed to anger many, Simmons took to his Twitter account to clarify what Jay was trying to say.

“I am the Chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (@FFEUnyc) and my job for the past 20 years or so is to point out the…”

“…”sameness of different religions and races.” First, let me state that mischief makers would like to take Jay’s statements about the…”

“…culture and practices that exist within some parts of the jewish community (notice I say some). The fact is this culture that promotes…”

“…good business and financial well being is and has been a guiding light to the black and specifically the hip-hop community.”

In fact, the two of them joined forces back in 2006 to address anti-Semitism in a Public Service Announcement.

“What’s not cool is anti-Semitism. It’s a long word for racism. Anti-Semitism and racism are the same thing,” Simmons explains. “Don’t be silent, remember: We are one, one voice,” Jay Z said.

What seems to be unclear is whether Mr. Simmons will be able to convince the offended people of Jay-Z’s lyrics and what he meant exactly.

HOWEVER, WHO CARES? He told the damn truth and it’s about time that the truth be put in hip hop form.

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