Perez on the Confederate Flag: “They didn’t want to lose their cotton pickers”

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

On Monday afternoon, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina held a news conference asking that the Confederate flag be removed from the South Carolina State Capitol.

In the aftermath of what transpired last week with the horrific and heinous crime committed by Dylann Roof against nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the ladies from ABC’s “The View” found themselves discussing the Confederate flag.

Whoopi Goldberg, not one afraid to voice her opinion on hot issues, compared the Confederate flag to that of the Nazi flag. Both flags symbolize racism, hatred, and slavery.

Goldberg told the group, “We have been having this conversation a long time and … the only other argument you can make against having this flag be as spectacularly shown as it is around the South is the Nazis. It would be like having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor.”

It’s important to note that some people in the South see the Confederate flag as a symbol of their heritage. Without a doubt, you’ll have people who will support having the Confederate flag on the South Carolina State Capitol and see nothing wrong with it. However, the women from “The View” are adamantly opposed to the flag.

Rosie Perez reminded the audience that the Confederate flag was a response to slavery. She went on to say, “They wanted to separate themselves from the United States because they didn’t want to lose their cotton pickers. They didn’t want to lose their slaves. Period.”

Newcomer Raven-Symoné wondered why presidential candidates are afraid to talk about race. How can one desire the office of presidency and fear talking race? It could be because they don’t want to alienate some of their major supporters.

Goldberg spoke about the show “Dukes of Hazzard,” a show that aired in 1979 displaying a Confederate flag on the roof of the car. Where was the discussion and outrage then?

Please note: This show was aired prior to Gov. Haley’s press conference.


Source: Eurweb

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