Woman Kills Husband Over Insurance Policy That Was Never In Her Name

Published On July 10, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Uloma Curry-Walker was looking for a way to get out of debt. After finding herself drowning in credit card debt, as well as many other loans that she couldn’t repay, she’d began to plot fast and eventually decided to marry a man, only with the sole purpose of killing him and collecting his insurance check.

Only four months after plotting, Curry-Walker, 45, married firefighter William Walker, and she’d then learned that his insurance policy was worth $100K, according to several media outlets.

The woman, as well as her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, met up to see if they’d be able to hire a hitman in order to have Walker killed. She’d also promised to give a share of the $100K to them only if the plan was successfully carried out.

Curry-Walker gave her daughter’s boyfriend a $1K down payment to reach out to his cousin, Chris Hein. Hein then attempted to kill Walker, however, was unsuccessful.

Hein would later reach out to Ryan Dorty to commit the crime.

On the night of November 3, 2013, Curry-Walker sent Mr. Walker out to get dinner for the two of them. He was then ambushed by Dorty, who’d shot him four time and that was when Curry-Walker called 911 to report the murder.

However, little did Curry-Walker know, her plan was doomed from the start. Being that she and Mr. Walker were only newlyweds, the insurance policy was not yet put into her name, so the full amount of $100K went to his first wife, which ultimately put her in more debt. Curry-Walker was then forced to move in with a family member.

Officers began to piece their case together and soon arrested Dorty, who admitted to being hired to kill Mr. Walker, Curry-Walker claimed she had him killed because he was abusive and her daughter was also arrested, however, chose to testify against her mother to lighten her sentence.

Chris Hein received 18 years in prison, Curry-Walker’s daughter’s boyfriend Chad Padgett received 28 years in prison, and the killer, Dorty, received 23 years to life in prison. Curry-Walker’s daughter only received one month in juvenile detainment.

Curry-Walker is now facing life in prison for this crazy plot against her husband. We will continue to give you more of this story as it unfolds.

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