Mother of Slain 15-Year-Old Blasts Jeremy Meeks For Her Son’s Death

Published On July 13, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

We all know former inmate, now male supermodel, Jeremy Meeks as the guy who’d made headlines because of his extremely attractive prison mugshot.

After being turned into an overnight sensation, he was soon being referred to by his social media fans as “PrisonBae,” and once he’d been released from prison, we soon saw him working runways all over the country.

The alleged criminal, who scored big on his modeling career, has now been called out by a woman, after she’d made claims that her son died due to gang violence. She also makes accusations that Meeks was a part of the gang that reportedly killed her son.

Carmela Castillo described the horrific and unfortunate events that took place when her son was killed by the North Side Gangster Crips at the tender age of 15-years-old.

Carmella describes his career as disgusting, saying, “I don’t understand why this man seems to be getting rewarded. It makes me very angry.

“Is he really out of the gang life? How do we know?”                             

Meeks went to prison for grand theft auto and, once released, he went right back to prison for a firearm offense in 2014, serving a total of 27 months. He has made several comments of allegedly leaving his gang-filled past behind him, however, he still has the tattoos that represent the Crip Gang that he was once said to be associated with.

This particular gang was allegedly involved in 70 shootings a year.

The District Attorney’s Office was only able to make the link between Meek and the gang after he was arrested and had been on the police watchlist since 2002. He was dubbed as one of the most violent criminals that lived in the Stockton area, according to Joseph Silva, a police officer of Stockman.

It’s extremely unfortunate that Meeks has seemed to cash in on his former gangster lifestyle, even though one life, as well as many others, was lost, however, we are hopeful that the mother of the young man that was killed due to senseless gun violence is able to soon find her peace with the situation.

What are your thoughts on this news? Should Meeks be rewarded for causing up this kind of stir?

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