Lil’ Boosie Labeled Homophobic After This Gay Prison Encounter

Published On June 8, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Rapper Lil’ Boosie is always honest and has been known to keep it real, without caution of possible repercussions. His candidness was obvious during a recent video chat where he’d openly spoken about the things that he’d seen while in Angola Prison of Louisiana.

Boosie shared one graphic story of witnessing two men having intercourse in the prison shower.

“I remember when I was down in Angola [Prison] I walked in on a n—- riding a n—- d— from the back,” he said. “That n—- had a n—- ankles riding that b— from the back, man. I ain’t know about the Coke can in the shower. I walked straight in, six in the morning — n—- riding that d—. I said, ‘I want to go home, man.’”

His video soon went viral and thousands of people have felt the need to give their opinions of his experience.

Some saw the video as a homophobic rant, tweeting, “Boosie is a typical male homophobe: Homophobic towards gay men, but sees nothing wrong with two gay women.” Other Twitter users defended Lil Boosie’s story. Twitter user @Handymayhem posted, “Black community so lost. When you are having a Lil Boosie is wrong for disliking seeing two men have sex in jail, you know we’re lost.”

And others viewed Lil Boosie’s story as a “scared straight” tactic that could possibly deter others from making the same mistakes he made. Almost like a life lesson.

Twitter user @follow_bdavis wrote, “That story Boosie shared with us should automatically make you never want to see the inside of a jail cell.”

Witnessing two men in the middle of intercourse is what apparently had a major affect on Boosie, however, it also brings massive attention to the prison system, as well as Mass Incarceration within the black community.

Boosie served five years in Angola, which was once a slave plantation and labeled as one of the harshest prisons in the country.

It is very likely that Boosie was attempting to present the story as one of the many cautionary tales that we hear about, however, it’s alarming that others didn’t see it that way.

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