Let’s All Discuss The Ratchet White Lady Spreading Her Legs on An Oval Office Couch

Published On March 1, 2017 | By patrice | Politics, The latest posts


Social media has recently erupted after photos of the counselor to Donald Trump’s administration sitting on the Oval Office couch in a room full of black leaders has gone completely viral.

One of these days Kellyanne Conway is going to do something that we can say we’re proud of, however, Monday just wasn’t that day.

The controversial counselor has shown her true colors of ratchetness on several occasions, creating the corny term “alternative facts” to cover the complete lies that were told of a terrorist attack that took place in Bowling Green, Ky., as well as delivering false information to many news programs.

However, just days ago, Conway was the literal embodiment of embarrassment when a group of HBCU leaders took their business to the White House to talk about keeping their school afloat.

The 50-year-old white lady was seen sitting on the Oval Office couch with her feet and shoes in the seat, attempting to take a photo with her camera phone.

Her lack of class and decorum seemed to spark online on-lookers who’d openly analyzed the different angles of exactly what the hell could have been going on with her that day.

Jamilah Lemieux, VP of News and Men’s Programming-Interactive One, made a series of good points about why the photo was problematic.

“This image is traumatizing on so many levels,” she says about the overall image of seeing HBCU presidents smiling in a photo with Conway and President Donald Trump. “First of all, any room with that few Black women making decisions that impact so many Black women is dangerous under the best circumstances.”

The White House meeting is set to push forward an executive order that will be giving funding to HBCU’s around the country… But chile!!! She better not ever do that again.

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