Knick’s Player Explains Why He Choked Woman At Club

Published On July 4, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

A Knicks basketball player is now being sued after allegedly choking a woman outside of a downtown Manhattan bar, however, he is also claiming that she isn’t the victim, he is.

After stating that the woman grabbed his “private parts” in new court documents, Kyle O’Quinn also said that the Brooklyn resident, Shakaira Elie, started the entire altercation that took place in May of 2016 at the Trinity Place Bar & Restaurant in the Financial District.

O’Quinn also said that he was with several of his friends, as well as his girlfriend, Desma Walker, when Elie approached them and “grabbed his private parts.”

“Simultaneously [Elie] asked a female friend of O’Quinn’s, who was in close proximity, whether she was his girlfriend,” the NBA player says in court papers.

“O’Quinn told his friends to ignore her and walk away,” according to the filing.

Elie “became angered by this statement and began causing a scene, insulting O’Quinn’s female friend and spitting in the face of another friend of O’Quinn’s,” he states.

The woman allegedly pursued the group as they’d began walking across the street to Liberty Park Plaza, and there was where she then “launched herself at O’Quinn’s female friend, knocked her to the ground and struck her repeatedly in the face and upper body,” the countersuit says.

O’Quinn then pulled Elie away from his friend with “minimal force,” according to filed court documents.

The Knicks player and his group left “the scene to avoid any further confrontation.”

Elie first made the choice to sue O’Quinn back in June of 2016 after she’d reported the incident to the police, however, the NBA baller was never charged.

He has now decided to countersue for unspecified compensatory damages.

So, what are your thoughts on this news? Who do you think is lying?

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