Here’s Why We Believe That Racist Killer Cop Just Might Go To Jail This Time

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A former police officer who’d opened fire on a car that was leaving a house party back in April, fatally killing a 15-year-old boy when the bullet hit his head, was indicted just this past Monday on one count of first-degree murder.

Faith Johnson, the Dallas County District Attorney, says that a grand jury also made sure to indict officer Roy Oliver, 37, on four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Oliver, a former police officer with the city of Balch Springs, a well-known suburb in Dallas, could be facing a sentence of 99 years in prison for all of his charges.

Describing this case as unprecedented, Johnson says that the case just might have a nationwide impact.

“What we’ve done is first, issued an arrest warrant immediately, just like we would do with any other case,” she said, adding that no other agency had done so before obtaining an indictment.

“I have a personal guarantee to Jordan, his family, this community, that we will prosecute this case vigorously,” she said. “This, to me, is the first step to healing this community and hopefully rebuilding the community.”

The killing of Jordan Edwards took place on the night of April 29th, after officers were called to the scene of the crime on the suspicion of underaged drinking. Balch Springs officers initially claimed that the shooting took place due to some aggressive driving: After hearing several gunshots and seeing a black Chevrolet Impala riding past with Jordan and three others on the passenger side allegedly reversing toward them, the officers opened fire, police claimed.

However, after taking a good look at the body camera footage, it was proven that the car was driving away from Oliver, according to Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber.

He also described the incident, saying that the shooting did not comport to their “core values.”

Oliver found himself being fired on May 2nd. And just three days later, after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest for the murder of the young black teen, he’d decided to turn himself in.

A civil suit, which was filed by Jordan’s family, alleged that the four teens were attempting to head home from the party, until they’d heard what seemed to resemble gunfire. Then, citing the Impala’s driver, the suit says there was shouting coming from the officers — “stop the f—ing car!” — but before the driver didn’t respond, so Oliver fired at the Impala.

“We were just kids leaving a party,” one of the passengers, Maximus Everette, 15, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. “We shouldn’t have to fear the police when our parents teach us to respect them.”

This suit also alleges that the officer that was present at the scene used a racial slur after ordering for the driver to get out of his car. The driver was black.

Oliver was first hired back in 2011. In 2013 he found himself being suspended and pushed to take an anger management class after erupting in court, due to the fact that he had to be there.

We are happy that the officer has been charged, however, we are saddened that another young innocent life was taken away from us.

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