Here’s Why Jay-Z & Kanye’s Beef Could Change Hip Hop Forever

Published On July 4, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Rapper Kanye West is now dropping his own exclusive status with Jay-Z’s online streaming company, TIDAL, according to reports from TMZ.

We were all in shock when Beyonce’s husband and father of her three children, Jay-Z dropped his ‘4:44’ album speaking some major truths and dropping some crazy bombs about racism, injustice, his own infidelities with other women, as well as his rocky friendship with former pal Kanye West.

However, though we all loved the album, it’s clear that West isn’t here for it and has allegedly gotten his lawyers involved.

The husband of Kim Kardashian reportedly had attorneys send out a letter to TIDAL one month ago, declaring that the livestreaming service owes him more than $3 million and he also requested that his own contract be terminated.

West apparently took things a little further by saying, he’d done exclusive releases on other sites as well, even though, in April Jay pulled his catalogs off Apple Music, as well as Spotify, strictly adding them to TIDAL.

So, if anyone wants access to the rappers music, you must download TIDAL for a monthly subscription.

West’s status with the streaming site, however, has been quite shaky for some time now. He was one of the earlier TIDAL figureheads and even released ‘The Life of Pablo’ as one of their exclusive projects, which was originally supposed to draw subscribers to the popular service site.

He was public about the editing of the album after it’s release and this is what led to the album ultimately popping up on other streaming sites as well, allowing the project to become the first ever to go platinum, strictly based from online streaming.

We have watched Kanye West grow into the major celebrity that he is today, with his ups and downs and it’s difficult not to mention Jay-Z when we know that he was backing West’s career from the beginning.

However, it’s looking as if things will never be the same, but we are hopeful that they soon find a common ground and work to make their business and personal relationships better than they have been in the last year or so.

What are you thinking about all this? Think the two men will come to common ground once again and make beautiful music together, as they have in the past? Or is this the end of the road?

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