Every Black Child Needs to Check Out ‘Little Apple’ & Here’s Why

Published On June 29, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

We are so excited about this new web series that every young black child should check out!
Riley Wilson, the creator of ‘Little Apple’, as well as other members of the production team are proud to introduce their new project to the world, which is a self-titled web series that explores the life of one young black girl growing up in gentrified New York City, as well as the hardships that the people around her are forced to face.

Themes explored in the series and supporting platforms include:

Black Girl Magic

Gentrification vs. Displacement

– Black Feminism

– Racial Microaggressions

– The Limitations of Liberal Allies

Parenting While Black

– Native American Erasure

– The unspoken connection many people of color share.

As many of you may have already guessed, it’s not easy for the young actress to dive into the details of many complicated issues that were listed above, however, she shows strength and perseverance during her daily struggles while living in NYC.

“Milan herself is very smart and wise. But I think about why we have bodegas everywhere and now all of a sudden there’s a Whole Foods opening up on the corner of 125th Street and Lenox? You don’t have to be 14-yrs old [or and adult] to have a field of reference or to see that with a changing landscape, there’s a change in opportunities that our community should have had access to from years ago,”  Lisa Cortes says. “I think that kids are much smarter than we give them credit for. Milan on her own in her family has been exposed to very sophisticated conversation for a long time. She’s also spent a year talking with Riley and exploring these issues.”


This new project, which we are all excited about, is aimed at encouraging people of color, as well as many others, to start engaging in issues that the African American community have been forced to deal with for decades.

Lisa says, “I grew up with parents who told you real talk about real issues. That’s what’s happening in many homes, not just in Harlem. These conversations that we need to have with our children are national. In terms of preparing them for the disparities that others might try to put upon them.”


The “Little Apple” production team plans to shoot a total of five 5-8 minute episodes over the course of two days on July 29th and 30th so they are asking for our support with their new Kickstarter campaign.

Click the Kickstarter link above and donate a little money, anything will help.

Comment your thoughts below and tell us how you feel about this new, unapologetic and highly intelligent series.




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