Don Lemon dropped out of college in 1996 and picked his life up after that

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Don Lemon’s aunt and grandmother were often mistaken as whites.  Take a peak at 10 more  facts about the prominent anchor of a television news network

by Marie Seva

Don Lemon is an African American journalist who currently works for CNN.  After Columbia University’s School of Journalism recently voted him as one of the worst anchors in America, people got curious about his background.  Here are a few things you may not know about Don Lemon:

1. Don Lemon or Donald Dilworth Lemon was born on the 1st of March 1966.  His father was known only as Mr. Richardson and was mentioned to have been a soldier.  He, together with his two sisters,  Leisa amd Yma, was raised by his single mother in Baton Rouge and later in Port Allen, Louisiana.

2. In 1984, Lemon studied at the Louisiana State University but failed to graduate.   In 1990, he continued his studies in Brooklyn College in New York City, taking up Broadcast Journalism, which he finished in 1996.

3. Lemon got his first break  when he was hired as a reporter for WNYW.  Later, he was hired as anchor to WBRC, which resulted in his moving to Birmingham, Alabama.  He eventually worked for KTVI as anchor and reporter for which he again moved, this time to St. Louis, Missouri.  His next destination was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he worked for WCAU.  And in 2006, Lemon was hired by CNN for the weekend edition of the Newsroom, aired from Atlanta, Georgia.

4. Lemon has also been accepted in Brooklyn College as an associate professor, supplementing their curriculum on modern media where he contributes lectures and other complimentary activities to enhance the education of students regarding current methods and practices in the industry.

5. Lemon wrote an autobiography entitled, “Transparent,” with which he shared his views about black neighborhoods and an irrational fear or aversion to homosexuals.  There, he revealed that he had been a victim of sexual abuse in his childhood days and there too, he admitted to being gay.

6. Lemon has done several in-depth reports which were recognized and awarded,  such as the Edward Murrow Award and  two Emmys.   He’s done reports on a few of the following issues:  the Chicago real estate trade, Hurricane Katrina, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and the Prevalence of AIDS in Africa.

7. Lemon has been criticized as imperceptive and insensitive in some reports and interviews he has conducted.  Such was the case in the interview with Joan Tarshis (one of the many alleged victims of sexual abuse by Bill Cosby), in which Lemon asked why she didn’t make use of her teeth for self defense in her given situation. He was also criticized for asking if the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was swallowed by a black hole.  Finally, there was the infamous scene in which Lemon was covering the protests in Ferguson Missouri and stated that he smelled marijuana in the air.

8. Lemon, though has been known to always speak of doing what is appropriate, fell short of proper decorum when he conducted an interview with  Talib Kweli which almost resulted in a walkout.   Lemon butted in more than once while Kweli was citing his viewpoint of the Ferguson protest in which he had participated.   Lemon seemed to refuse to allow Kweli to finish his piece, as he couldn’t wait to contradict his point.  Kweli threatened to leave if he was not given the chance to express his point of view.

9. Lemon, together with his mother, embarked on a journey to the past, as they sought information about their ancestry.  They learned that his grandmother, Mary Henrietta, was a product of an interracial union.  His great grandmother, Catherine Jackson, died during childbirth.   His white great grandfather, Harry Rivault, lost custody of Mary, remarried and committed suicide.  They also went to Cape Coast in Ghana, in a “slaves fortress” where their ancestors were said to have been imprisoned in a stone-walled cell with no windows or lights.

10.  Lemon had some interesting words about the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative launched by President Barack Obama.  He said, “you don’t let other people define who you are…  “Racism will always be there….  You have to figure out how you can achieve, regardless of, in spite of (racism)….”

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