Doctor Believes Babies Are Racist But What Do You Think?

Published On April 20, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Dr. Kang Lee, the lead author of a new study from the University of Toronto, recently made a television appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to talk about his claims that babies as young as six months old allegedly have a good chance of being racist bigots.

Good Morning Britain featured a topic about racist babies on Tuesday’s show

Speaking with Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, he’d explained just how in his study, he’d found that making babies watch happy and sad music videos featuring children of different races caused the children to spend more time looking at the babies that were the same race as them, instead of paying attention to the children that looked different.

Piers didn’t seem to fall in line with the doctors explanation, asking how any baby could have racial prejudice.

Dr. Lee replied, saying that it was because many children are born into single race families and so they are not exposed to other skin colors.

Doctor Kang Lee appeared on the show to discuss his latest study

However, Reid, who is a mother-of-three, asked: “Is it not that babies in mono-racial families are not familiar with other families, not that they are racially bias towards them?”
They’d then introduced two mothers from different backgrounds, who were invited to the show to discuss race matters and whether babies know the difference between skin colors or not.
The two tots dissolved the doctor’s claims by reaching over and grabbing each other’s hand.
Piers and Susanna were then joined by two mums and their babies
The adorable tots were a hit with viewers                   The children quickly put to bed Dr Lee’s claimsThe babies reached out and held hands as the adults chatted
Piers described the beautiful moment as “hands of peace, and said: “This is living proof that he [Dr.Lee] may be barking up the wrong tree.”
Viewers of the show took to their Twitter accounts as well to blast Dr. Lee and his study, one writing: “Babies can be racists from 6 months old!! Literally have heard it all now, what a load of rubbish”.
Viewers were not impressed by the claims
Viewers didn’t believe racial bias existed in babies

One said babies should left to be babies

Another viewer agreed, saying: “Love watching @piersmorgan grill this ‘scientist’ who has claimed babies are born racist. It’s down to upbringing and education”.

A third added: “Dr Lee shows racial bias begins in babies at 6 months of age.. what absolute crap!!”

Many felt it was the most ridiculous thing they had heard

Outrage was the general feeling from GMB viewers

Many disagreed with Dr. Lee’s entire study.

“NO. Babies do NOT have value judgements. They simply recognise people/things or need to learn abt. new things. Stupid!”

Another said: “Racist babies… now I’ve heard it all!” and a fellow viewer added: “For heaven’s sake can’t we just let babies be babies instead of labelling them racists at 6 months old.”

So, what are your thoughts on this study? Do you think children can create racial bias this early? Or do they need more time?

Comment below and tell us what you’re thinking.



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