Chicago Pastor Causes Contreversy After Kicking Woman Out Of Church For Being Gay

Published On August 2, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

Demonstrators recently flocked to one church on the South Side of Chicago just this past Sunday morning after its pastor allegedly removed a woman from their congregation because of her recent same-$ex union with another woman.

This particular situation renewed a conversation that has been long-standing in the African-American community about black churches and their tolerance levels when it comes to working against, accepting and teaching of the traditions that have gone on for the last century in black Christian churches.

In the last decade, or so, there has been a massive culture shift in gay marriages, however, the Apostolic Church of God is sticking to their guns, saying that this particular “lifestyle” is offensive to their faith, and they are simply trying to defend the church.

It didn’t take long for nearly two dozen people to gather around the 20,000-member church building on Sunday to protest against the woman being kicked out by Pastor Byron Brazier after he’d found that the long-time member married another woman just one week before that.

 “It was done with great grief, but it was in faithful observance to the scriptures and to the body of Christ,” Pastor Brazier said from the pulpit Sunday.

Brazier made the argument that the parishioner was “disfellowshipped” because of the marriage, which violated their churches teachings.

“In this particular case, this member vowed to be in a marriage ‘until death do us part,’ and she made a permanent decision. When that takes place there must be an equally permanent remedy, and that remedy is that she can no longer be a member of the Apostolic Church of God,” Pastor Brazier said.

He’d also said that she would be welcomed back into the church if she’d made the choice to “restore” her faith.

One pastor of Progressive Lighthouse Church, on the North Side of Chicago, delivered this opposing message:

“The pulpit is not a weapon with which to silence, but rather it is a beacon from which to shine light,” Pastor Jamie Frazier said. “How could we say two men or two women in a committed god honoring relationship are sinning? Show me how two men or two women loving one another diminishes their capacity to love god, to love themselves and to love other people,” Frazier said.

Wow! So, how do you all feel about this news? Should the two women be removed from the church? Or is the pastor of that church out of line?

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