Charles Barkley Wasn’t Too Comfortable With Isaiah Thomas Crying Courtside

Published On April 17, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

So sad.

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas struggled with his emotions last night after the unexpected passing of his younger sister, Chyna.

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He took to the game only about 37 hours after the death of his 22-year-old sister, after she was killed in a car accident in Washington, and while many were moved by his show of emotion, former NBA star Charles Barkley wasn’t.

The TNT commentator said “that’s just not a good look for him.”

“I’m not sure what to say — I’m not feeling comfortable with him sitting on the sideline crying like that,” Barkley said on the pregame show. “That makes me uncomfortable. So that tells me he’s not in shape to play. I mean, I don’t know how this night is going to turn out, but to be sitting on the sideline a few minutes before the game, crying, that just makes me uncomfortable for him.

“That’s just not a good look for him, in my personal opinion. I mean, he is clearly devastated, like we all would be if we lost a sibling, but sitting on the sideline right before the game, that makes me uncomfortable.”

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Barkley did, however, admittedly say that playing through your own grief can be like a sense of therapy, however, it does feel a bit uncomfortable to watch someone cry, knowing that they have to go out on the court and play as hard as they can for their team.

“I think he’ll be glad — like, this is just me thinking — I think he’ll be glad when the game starts,” Barkley said. “Because as a player, we have so much going on in our mind. We’ve got the game plan, we’ve got wondering what plays to run and things like that. You’ve got so much going through your mind once the game starts.

“In his free time, I know it’s going to be painful, but I know if he’s going to play today, it’s going to be a relief for him. At least, it was for me, because I had to think about so much going on in the game, and it gave me two hours of pain relief, as I called it. And then you go back after the game.”

The Celtics lost their game to the Bulls, however, there was much love given to Thomas from his teammates and opponents.

We are pained about the news of Thomas’ sister passing, however, we will continue to send up our prayers, love and well-wishes. Comment your condolences below.



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