Black Girl Gets Caught Cheating After Man Proposes to Her

Published On April 8, 2017 | By patrice | The latest posts

A cheating female waitress was recently left embarrassed and red-faced after her two boyfriends teamed up and shocked her with the unexpected proposal of a lifetime.

In the jaw-dropping video clip, the cheating woman is shown working at a sports bar when one of her boyfriend’s stops by to surprise her.

She is then seen standing behind the counter, smiling from ear to ear, as he is seen approaching her.

The two of them hug and talk briefly before he drops down to one knee and asks the waitress to marry him.

All of the girl’s co-workers began to cheer and shout in amazement, that was until the guy filming makes a comment, saying, something will happen “when he grabs her hand.”

Though clearly shocked, the woman raises her hands to her face and her boyfriend appears to be looking around the room nervously. That was when he’d began to stall for time, holding out a ring box and though we couldn’t hear everything that was being said, he’d looked as if he was asking her to marry him.

The prank is later revealed when the second boyfriend walks in from outside.

He approaches the two of them and she doesn’t react in the beginning, still unaware of what exactly is going on.

But the sting is revealed when the other man shouts at her: “You had two good men! Two good f***ing men! You f***ed it up!”

The camera shows the woman walking outside, trying to take in everything that just happened to her, however, we are having a hard time showing this chick sympathy, being that she was cheating on “two good men.”

Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you’re thinking. Could there have been a good explanation for her dirty-dogging ways? Or was she out of line, just like most men would be if they’d gotten caught cheating?

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