Biker group plans to protect Maya Angelou’s funeral from protesters

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

The late poet, performer, speaker, activist, actress, writer and national hero, Maya Angelou, will be interred this week after two services – a private and a public one.

While a whole nation and people from across the world mourn her passing, the Westboro Baptist Church has made it clear that it plans to hold a protest.

The protesters, who are not shy of creating controversies, have been seen voicing their thoughts at military funerals, the funeral of a 9-years-old girl, Christina Green, who was killed during the mass shooting that almost cost the life of Congresswoman Gaby Giffords, the National Holocaust Museum and many more venues.

What would have certainly been a plan to be more than just a nuisance will be disrupted, when it comes to Maya Angelou’s interment, by an unlikely group of people: The group “2 Million Bikers“.

The bikers have announced that they intend to form a “wall” between Angelou’s mourners and the Westboro protesters with the leader of the biking group saying that it didn’t necessarily mean that they agreed with Angelou’s views.

Their reason for doing this unexpected, and noble, act has been attributed to be the fact that they love freedom and believe that it should be accorded to everyone – even to those with whom they might disagree.

On their Facbook page the group wrote:

“[2 Million Bikers] are not riding in support of Angelou’s beliefs.”We are riding to protect her funeral from WBC,” [a spokeswoman] said. “If we allow WBC to protest her funeral what will stop them from protesting one of our funerals?”

The spokeswoman, Bee, added that even though her organization does not agree with Angelou, they “will fight for the rights of all people to speak freely”.

She continued, “No we do not agree with her beliefs, but we agree with her freedom to have & voice those beliefs. That is what freedom is about! If we attempt to shut up all those who disagree with us are we not doing the same thing as them?”

This has many thinking that maybe there is still hope.



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