14-Year-Old Boy Choked, Punched & Arrested By School Officer (video)

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Surveillance video is now under investigation after a boy was captured being choked by a police officer, who’d also punched 14-year-old Que’Chawn Wade in the face and knocked out his tooth.

This incident took place in early April at the Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh.

The video first shows Wade speaking with two white teachers before the officer shows up. He’s sitting quietly and without warning, Officer Steve Shaulis grabs him.

The officer wrestles Wade down to the ground and is seen punching him in his face and even knocks out one of his teeth. The boy was later rushed to the hospital and given immediate surgery.

Though Officer Shaulis seemed to be the aggressor  in this particular situation, Wade has since been charged with resisting arrest, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The child could possibly recieve punishment in juvenile court.

However, the fact that Shaulis has a history of violence against students is quite alarming. Back in 2015 video captured Shaulis throwing a child to the ground and shocking him with a Taser.

The boy received probation for disorderly conduct.

Four other students have also come forward and said that they have been injured by this officer in particular. One female student and her family are currently working on getting a lawsuit filed against Shaulis, as well as the school district.

This particular incident reveals why resource officers should all be vetted prior to working with or around children.

Shaulis should have never gained the opportunity to abuse any of those students. He has openly created an environment where black children are being treated like criminals, rather than students on the path to higher learning.

The officer still has yet to be charged with a crime.

So, what are your thoughts on this incident and how would you have handled it as a parent?



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